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Mobile App Solutions

Alerts from a burger app that say how far away the user is and when they will start preparing a food order.

Leveraging insights about how people move, Arity helps mobile app publishers generate more engagement and revenue per user.

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Alerts from a burger app that say how far away the user is and when they will start preparing a food order.

Leverage our unique mobility data and insights

Understand how and where your users move through full trip data

Create personalized, enhanced experiences for your users

Unlock unique, high-value revenue streams

With nearly a decade of data collection and analysis experience

Arity leverages more than 23 million active telematics connections

How to partner with us

Embed our SDK into your app

Integrate the Arity Driving Engine SDK seamlessly into your app. With no impact on your users’ current experience, start collecting driving and mobility data.

Create user experiences based on mobility insights

Add additional value to your app by creating personalized experiences drawn from user-level insights such as:

  • Common routes
  • Home and work location
  • Trip frequency and duration
  • Mode of transportation

Apply our solutions across app categories

We can improve experiences across a wide range of apps that relate to movement or could be enriched by mobility data, including weather, mapping, navigation, fuel, and finance.

Alert in WeatherBug app reads: Caution, road slippery. Based on weather conditions, a more efficient route to work has been identified. View the suggested route.

WeatherBug offers new commuter experience

Powered by the Arity SDK, WeatherBug now offers their users more efficient routes based on weather conditions and in-app offers based on driving data.

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