5 engagement trends for mobile apps in 2024

Five trends to help mobile apps keep monthly active users on board in 2024.

As things ramp up in 2024, people are getting organized and cleaning up their digital spaces to improve productivity – which leaves mobile apps susceptible to the “digital declutter.” To help avoid the discard pile, here are five need-to-know trends to keep monthly active users (MAUs) on board.

#1 Demand for unique, personalized experiences

Unique experiences have become a necessity, with over three-quarters of consumers more likely to purchase and recommend brands that offer personalization. With mobile apps being one of the main avenues for consumer touchpoints, brands that want to remain competitive should move past what’s already being done to offer an even more valuable, tailored user experience.

As one example, brands already leveraging location data could support even more innovative features by using driving behavior data. Insights on how, when, and where consumers drive give brands the upper hand to engage users at just the right moment, based on their patterns and preferences. For instance, retail apps can send personalized offers to customers when they’re most likely to be thinking about their stores, before they even get in a car.

Going above and beyond with personalization and convenience could be the difference in creating more meaningful connections with users and avoiding the dreaded “remove app” button.

#2 Generative AI for enhanced personalization

Last year, generative AI proved to be a game-changer across the business world – and the mobile app industry was no exception. Early adopters have put it to work, using it to improve the quality and accuracy of those customized in-app experiences to ensure they’re valuable and relevant to users.

For one, Instacart is incorporating ChatGPT into its app for a new search engine feature that answers users’ open-ended food questions with recipe tips, ingredient alternatives, and more.

The race to hyper-personalization is only going to get more and more competitive, as apps increasingly turn to real-time data and predictive analytics to build tailored experiences. So, brands may want to move quickly to leverage the latest and greatest tools on the market – like generative AI – to stay ahead of the competition.

#3 Data privacy conversations shift to AI ethics

Data-driven personalization has been a hot topic for years, and consequently, so has data privacy. These conversations influence how businesses approach consumer data – and today, businesses must have policies in place for how they safely collect, store, use, and share it.

With generative AI gaining traction as a key business tool, we expect those same initial, guiding conversations to take place. We’ve already seen topics around ethics emerge with concerns over misinformation, bias, copyright, and more.

These conversations are likely going to ramp up and remain a focus in 2024 as generative AI becomes more mainstream and accessible. So, to stay ahead, brands should leverage generative AI in their mobile apps now and develop an understanding of how it can add value and build trust with customers.

#4 5G paves the way for more advanced features

5G technology is paving the way for innovation with enhanced capabilities around connection speed, performance, and bandwidth. With an expected 4.8 billion 5G subscribers expected worldwide by the end of 2026, brands with mobile apps should decide how they’re going to take advantage of these advancements – if they don’t already have a plan in place.

When it comes to increasing mobile app engagement, with 5G, brands could consider ramping up data-driven features or creating real-time engagement opportunities with interactive and immersive experiences. To start, brands should explore alternative data sources that can help enable these types of engaging experiences.

#5 On-demand apps are becoming more popular

While on-demand apps like food deliveries and ride-share have been popular for a while now, the idea of on-demand is starting to infiltrate every area of our lives. As consumers increasingly prioritize convenience, we believe the core of what makes these popular is providing instant gratification.

Brands can offer this type of immediate, tangible value by integrating more on-demand services or features into their app. Regardless of app category, customer support, messaging, payments, and more can all be designed to be on-demand.

However, to make the most impact, brands first need to identify the critical moments to surface these features with their customers. Having the right data can level up brands’ understanding of user patterns and preferences to help create these meaningful experiences.

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