Don’t just predict risk, predict profitability

Assess and price all types of drivers more accurately with our Arity Drivesight® score.

By using our mobile telematics score to leverage the predictive power of driving behavior data, you can improve your loss ratio on the highest-risk drivers and improve retention on less risky drivers.


Avoid double-counting risk

Layer our score on top of traditional rating factors such as territory, age, and credit

Predict frequency and severity of claims

Drivesight® combines driving data with actual claims information to help you more accurately predict future losses

Retain the best customers

With the Drivesight® score, you can more accurately price safe and risky drivers


Improve the loss ratio by more than 50% on the highest-risk drivers
Data visualization of improving loss ratio by more than 50% on the highest-risk drivers
Case study

National General

Implementing telematics

Leveraging our Routely® app and Drivesight® driving score, National General launched its branded telematics program quickly and effectively.
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