Crash detection

Arity enables mobile apps to detect accidents in real time. Our advanced technology takes signals from a phone’s sensor and uses a set of proprietary algorithms to determine whether a crash has occurred. With tens of thousands of car crashes identified in the past year, Arity enables people to get help when they need it most.

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Create a meaningful relationship with your users

Crash Detection by Arity provides your users help when they need it most, building loyalty and trust for your brand and keeping users engaged over time. With an average of 3,700 global crash-related deaths every day, Crash Detection by Arity is a powerful feature for apps looking to connect with their customers in a deeper way and help make the roads safer for everyone.

Get help quickly

Automatically alert emergency services after a collision

Alert friends and family

Instantly notify loved ones and key contacts when a crash occurs

Stay connected

Connect with your customers post-collision with helpful content

Streamline the claims process

For insurance apps, automatically start the claims process for a rapid customer experience

Our differentiation

Arity has unique access to driving behavior data from tens of millions of users as well as insurance claims to help understand how driving behavior affects outcomes. We use this data to fine-tune our Crash Detection algorithm to consistently improve accuracy.

“Life360 saved my life... I have crash detection on, and it truly works. It let my husband know I was in a car accident and sent him my location.”

– Cheyenne and Michael, Life360 members


Arity partners with Life360

As the world’s leading family safety membership, Life360 provides safety on the go, online and on the road - with driver reports, roadside assistance, and crash detection features. Crash Detection by Arity helped Life360 improve driving program precision and protect their customers.
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"He was completely shaken, but answered the second time I called. He told me what happened and then we immediately found his location on Life360."

– Shondra and Jerrod, Life360 members


The power is in our platform

Our platform transforms raw data from sensors like smartphones and OBD-II devices into meaningful insights that are predictive of risk and enable better experiences for consumers.

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Our experts will work with you to find the data origination solution that works for you.