Daily Driver Pulse

Boost engagement with frequent, personalized feedback

Use mobility data to provide daily feedback, tips, and incentives to connect with your customers

Daily Driver Pulse enables apps to offer users frequent, immediate feedback about their driving behaviors. Users can view their insights immediately after every drive - Daily Driver Pulse allows apps to engage users after every trip, even the first.

Benefits for app users

Maximize rewards through app marketing programs
Stay safer and more focused on the road
Utilize tips & deals for car maintenance

Implement Daily Driver Pulse in-app to:

Amplify rewards and deals
  • Enhance app marketing programs with additional incentives to earn based on recent driving behaviors.
Increase safe driving
  • Provide insights to influence driving behaviors trip by trip and over time.
Manage car costs
  • Provide tips and offers for parts that may have higher wear and tear based on their recent driving.

Why Arity?

Over one trillion miles of driving data
15+ years collecting driver-permissioned mobility data
Driving data on more than 15% of drivers in the US
Built by a data science team with over 70 patents

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