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Making sense of how people move

At Arity, we’re turning mobility data into meaningful insights to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone.

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Interpreting the meaning behind the data

We believe the future of mobility is about more than just how we get from A to B—it’s about what moves us forward.

Emerging technologies and business models, like ridesharing, are disrupting existing systems and rapidly changing the way people get around. Born from insurance, Arity is uniquely positioned to predict and manage risk through data and insights. We find the meaning in the data, so you can grow your business well into the future.


Better mobility intelligence

Leverage our predictive insights to lower costs, grow profitably, and enhance your users’ experience. We offer solutions for insurers, shared mobility companies, mobile app publishers, and more. Explore our solutions.


Leapfrog your competition with proven risk models

Shared Mobility

Optimize costs to make room for growth

Telematics-based Ad Targeting

Target the best drivers for your business

Mobile App Publishers

Enhance user experience with mobility data


The power is in our platform

Our platform transforms raw data from sensors like smartphones and OBD-II devices into meaningful insights that are predictive of risk and enable better experiences for consumers.

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We are Arity

No other data company has our historical understanding of driving behaviors, risk, and outcomes. We’re leveraging that distinct expertise to offer insights, strategies, and solutions to transform the transportation ecosystem for everyone.

Move: The Official Arity Blog

Uncover expert mobility insights, tips, and thought leadership


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