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Rethink the way tomorrow moves

At Arity, we’re helping partners across the transportation ecosystem better understand and improve mobility. Our solutions leverage driving data and predictive analytics to achieve a single goal: making transportation smarter, safer and more useful for everyone.

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The power is in the platform

The Arity platform—fueled by millions of live telematics connections and billions of miles of driving data—powers mobility solutions that can help you make smarter business decisions and directly impact your bottom line.

Flexible data capture

We enable sensor-agnostic data capture through our app, our SDK, our device, or third-party sensors.

Storage and processing

Our secure systems normalize and score billions of miles of driving data.

Analytics and insights

A unique mix of driving and claims data empowers us to deliver meaningful insights.

Customer solutions

Tailored, comprehensive solutions cover everything from collaborative support to design and delivery.

Engineering the future

We’re working across transportation to help you optimize your business and play a leading role in improving mobility. See the big picture on our Industries page.


Identify and retain preferred drivers, anticipate loss and price more accurately with our most predictive measure of driving risk.

Shared Mobility

Set smarter pricing strategies and more accurately predict losses to maximize efficiency.

Move: the official Arity blog

Uncover expert mobility insights, tips and thought leadership


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