Mobile apps

Becoming an essential app starts with essential data

Gain customer insights through mobility data so you can drive engagement with your mobile app users and increase ad revenue.

Only Arity has 15+ years of experience analyzing where people go throughout the day. Our driving behavior data offers unique consumer insights that mobile apps can use to drive business results.


Reach app users at the right time
Mobility insights tell you how and when you can capture their attention
Improve the user experience
Create personalized, rewarding, and seamless experiences for your users
Drive revenue
Enhance your first-party data to help fulfill your growth strategies

Crash Detection

Ensure your users get help when they need it most

Apps can contact and dispatch emergency help, alert loved ones, start the process of generating an insurance claim, and more.
Explore Crash Detection

Predictive Mobility

Personalize customer experiences and power your app strategy

Use mobility data to create in-app experiences that differentiate your services and help attract, retain, and delight customers.
Explore Predictive Mobility

Fuel Efficiency

Deliver everyday insights and value to your users

Keep users coming back by teaching them how to get more out of every mile, every time they drive.
Find out about Fuel Efficiency
The bar chart shows results of the Arity Mobile App User Trust Survey. The bar chart shows what factors contribute to the types of data that mobile users allow their smartphone apps to access. Factors include, in order of most frequently chosen: importance of the app on my day-to-day life, data is necessary for the functionality of the app, benefits and value I gain from the type of data shared, reputation of the brand, ability to adjust specific data categories, and OS prompts and notifications.

What factors contribute to the types of data you allow your smartphone apps access to?

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What mobile apps need to give to get user trust

How can publishers build better relationships with their users?

Driving user trust starts with bringing unique value to your users’ lives every day. Here’s how to do just that.
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Case study

Life360 and Crash Detection by Arity

Find out how we helped Life360 improve driving program precision and protect their customers

Crash Detection by Arity substantially increased Life360’s program accuracy and enabled learnings to continually expand detection capabilities.
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Two-thirds of consumers have deleted an app over privacy concerns

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