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driving scores and various alerts are laid out on a map

Arity is creating continuous connections to understand how people move, in real time. We’re leveraging mobility data to provide customers and partners with behavioral insights, strategies, and solutions that create safer, more relevant transportation experiences for everyone.

driving scores and various alerts are laid out on a map

Combining mobility expertise and data-based solutions

Better mobility intelligence

Capture raw data from sensors and transform it into behavioral insights that boost profitability and improve user experience.

Data Origination

Start generating telematics data today. We can help you capture data at scale across OBD-II devices, mobile sources, and other sensor types.

Mobility Insights

We turn mobility data into rich behavioral insights to help you develop data-based solutions, make informed business decisions, and offer your users more engaging experiences.

The Arity Platform

The power is in our platform

Our platform transforms raw data from sensors like smartphones and OBD-II devices into meaningful insights that are predictive of risk and enable better experiences for consumers.

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