Arity Marketing Platform

Reach millions of validated drivers segmented by driving behaviors

Display customized ads to the customers you seek by targeting based on actual driving behavior.


Reach your best customers in a privacy-first world

Smart marketers are looking for new ways to reach their best customers effectively

Learn how marketing platforms and private marketplaces (PMPs) offer access to high quality inventory, programmatic efficiency, brand safety, and transparency.


Target effectively

Target based on risky driving behaviors, driving distance, commuting habits, and more

Reach the highest LTV prospects

Optimize based on potential customer LTV — not just clicks and conversions

Benchmark easily

Turnkey execution with CPC-based KPIs, consistent with other walled garden marketing tactics

Partner confidently

Fully managed service including setup, optimization to your goals, and reporting

The Arity Marketing Platform enables marketers to find their best customers wherever they are in their journey. Arity’s full-funnel, cross-channel offering leverages driving behavior data from tens of millions of US drivers, empowering marketers to reach prospects and display relevant messaging based on how, when, and where they drive.

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