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Industry solutions: Impacting mobility across industries

At Arity, we’re using data and analytics to tackle your toughest
transportation challenges—helping our partners shape the future of

Transforming ideas into transportation breakthroughs


Get to know your drivers.

Understanding your customers’ driving behavior is half the battle. Our insurance solutions are designed to help insurers learn more about their customers, like why distracted drivers log 7x as many incidents of sudden braking. Arity helps you identify and focus on the right drivers, fine-tune your pricing models, and plan for your future.

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Shared Mobility

Discover data-powered profitability.

Shared mobility is full of blind spots: Is this driver safe? Is that car in good shape? Our mobility intelligence helps you track what’s happening on your platform—and helps insurers better understand your business. That way, you can scale with confidence.

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Smart Cities

Improve the way your city moves.

Urban transit has come a long way, but it can go a lot further—especially since people rely on public transportation 35 million times every weekday. Our smart cities solutions harness driving behavior and claims data to help your city boost safety, promote equitable access and meet your evolving mobility needs.

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Reinvent the driving experience.

More than 40,000 Americans lost their lives on the road last year. Imagine a world where everyone has access to data that can help bring this number down, like which roads to take and which to avoid—all in real time. Our mission is to make that the new normal, so you can make a driver’s trip as enjoyable (and uneventful) as possible.

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