Mobility data levels up the fuel mobile app experience

Arity · June 29, 2021 · 2 min read
Arity is leveraging its unique understanding of how people move to optimize GasBuddy's user experience.

Leveraging telematics data and analytics outside of the auto insurance industry isn’t just a theory … it’s a best practice.

A few months ago, Arity published a series that described the secret to adding greater value for mobile app users. Not for only auto insurance apps, but also for fitness apps, retail apps, and restaurant and beverage apps.

The secret? Predictive mobility data.

Now we have another great example of how mobility data can enhance the app user’s experience in yet another area: travel and navigation. Arity partnered with GasBuddy, an app focused on helping people save money on fuel, in order to continue connecting with people in unique ways to improve their lives.

If you’re looking for examples of how data can improve an app experience and drive more engagement and loyalty, this is a good one.

Here’s what happened.

After the recent gas shortage, the number of people searching for fuel cost savings sky-rocketed. GasBuddy wanted to add even more value to its gas station search tool. The GasBuddy team decided to help people optimize their fuel consumption and save money by sending personalized notifications.

But to do this, they needed to analyze app users’ past driving behaviors to predict future fuel consumption needs. This data would give them the insight they needed to create some tips and advice for decreasing those predicted gas needs. This is where Arity stepped in to help.

With Arity’s technology embedded into the GasBuddy app, Arity is able to analyze driving behaviors, mileage, and other comparable data to create a “fuel savings score” for each driver. GasBuddy can then leverage this score to develop personalized feedback on how each driver can improve fuel consumption and save money on gas.

Because the the Arity platform is built on billions of miles of historical driving data from nearly 100 million active telematics connections, the benefits to end users of travel and navigation apps occur fast. Companies do not need to spend years developing driving algorithms. The partnership is a shortcut to almost immediate value for consumers.

What’s more, GasBuddy became the number one most-downloaded app on the App Store and has been adding between 3,000 to 5,000 opt-in users per day on average.With Arity’s technology, the app is able to provide highly relevant recommendations at scale. More and more drivers will be able to take advantage of GasBuddy’s feedback, and make smarter decisions on the road.

How can driving data help rev up your mobile app’s value? Talk to an expert at Arity for ideas!

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