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Smarter decisions.

Where others see risk, we see an opportunity to shape the future of transportation. So we’re starting here, creating flexible solutions designed to help you see clearly, move quickly and act with confidence.

We’re designing solutions for a variety of applications across transportation, including:

  • Auto aftermarket
  • Gig economy
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • OEM
  • Shared mobility

Not sure where you fit in? Let’s build something that suits your business.

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Explore examples of our solutions in action:

  • Insurance

    Better predict future losses

    Arity has everything you need to build and maintain app- and device-driven usage-based insurance programs. Our solutions enable you to enhance traditional risk models, price your customers more accurately and help you better predict individual driving risk.

    Our solutions flex to fit your business:

  • Driving Engine SDK Icon

    Capture and score individual driving data

    Integrate our software development kit (SDK) directly into your existing app and start collecting driving data. Don’t have an app? We can help.

  • Driving Behavior Icon

    Predict individual driver risk and future losses

    Analyze driving data to measure relative risk and make informed decisions around acquisition, retention and margin.

  • Driving Score Icon

    Streamline rating and program reporting

    Implement pre-approved rating models to enable new rates without a lengthy regulatory approval process

  • Driver Solutions Icon

    Optimize driver safety and improve driving experiences

    Empower your drivers with solutions that help them stay safer and more connected when behind the wheel.

  • Shared Mobility

    Not all drivers are created equal.

    Our technology is designed to help you understand and predict driving risk on an individual basis. It’s exactly what you need to help identify, manage and retain the drivers that fit your business.

    Solutions that flex to fit your business:

  • Driver PreQual Icon

    Identify the best drivers with Driver PreQual

    Pre-screen prospective drivers to help minimize property and brand risk and optimize your candidate pool.

  • Driving Score Icon

    Measure and manage driver risk with Driving Score

    Track individual driver performance to inform decisions around safety and retention.

  • Driver Analytics Report Icon

    Enhance program performance with Driver Analytics Report

    Take advantage of a comprehensive fleet profile to forecast expected losses and enhance your recruiting strategy.

  • Driver Solutions Icon

    Strengthen your value prop with Driver Solutions

    Empower your drivers with solutions that help them stay safer and more connected when behind the wheel.

  • See this solution in action:

    Power your shared mobility platform with deeper insights.

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