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Smart City Solutions

Design safer transportation with a complete mobility picture. Our smart city solutions help cities discover new insights and plan transportation that boosts safety, promotes access, and meets their evolving needs.

Arity’s mobility insights connect the dots so you can improve how your city moves today. We’re actively working with city planners and traffic engineers—including the Chicago Department of Transportation—on Vision Zero action plans. Together, we’re combining our data to understand mobility at the community level and move towards a safer future.

Explore how our smart city solutions can help you build a better transportation system.

Prioritize dangerous areas using our exclusive
driving data alongside your own.

Arity smart city solutions using city and driving data to identity transportation pain points

Our real-time driving data enhances other city data to reveal transportation pain points to identify which area to tackle first.

Compare different areas and prioritize corridors that need attention.

Target intervention sites faster and
empower your traffic and safety engineers.

Layer Arity’s data to pinpoint where to deploy resources first for the greatest results.

Play with the filters to see when and where driving events happen in context with the community.

Close gaps in understanding mobility patterns
to create more equitable transportation.

Every day, Arity is collecting more and more data around how people move through cities. Data that can help you understand how and why trips connect to become journeys. Data that can help you plan for a future of seamless transportation.

Want to learn how Arity’s Smart City Solutions can help design transportation that works for your city?