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With deep roots in insurance and the transportation industry, we understand better than most how to maximize driver safety and control. Arity offers a number of ways to expand your core value proposition, leveraging connected car technology to help keep drivers and customers safe, secure and on the road.

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Arity's driver solutions at a glance:

  • Roadside assistance feature illustration

    Rescue stranded drivers

    This feature can be integrated into your app to allow roadside assistance requests, including tow, tire change, fuel delivery and lockout services. With real-time status monitoring, it’s a hassle-free way to get your drivers moving again.

    Use cases:
    Insurance, OEM, Shared Mobility, Gig Economy, Auto Aftermarket

  • Distracted driving feature illustration

    Reduce distracted driving

    The driving status feature limits distracted driving by showing friends and family when a driver is en route, discouraging text messages and other distracting communications. That helps keep drivers’ eyes where they belong: on the road.

    Use cases:
    Shared Mobility, Insurance, Gig Economy, Fleet management

  • Crash detection feature illustration

    Provide peace of mind in an emergency

    Capable of automatically detecting a crash and dispatching emergency services as needed, Arity offers a smartphone-paired device designed to immediately aid customers in the event of a crash.

    Use cases:
    Government, Insurance, Gig Economy, Shared Mobility

  • Vehicle diagnostics feature illustration

    Keep customers’ cars running smoothly

    Our vehicle diagnostics program takes much of the hassle out of car ownership by demystifying the check engine light, notifying customers of recall alerts and helping them track upcoming maintenance needs and potential costs.

    Use cases:
    Insurance, Shared Mobility, OEM, Auto Aftermarket

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