Webinar Series:
Arity COVID-19 mobility insights

Arity has analyzed more than 400 billion miles of aggregated and anonymized mobile and telematics data from over 23 million active connections. Watch our webinar series to understand how driving trends have changed throughout the pandemic.


Hindsight is 2020: A year in review  

In this special report, we cover how drivers responded to the many changes throughout the year, plus how the pandemic has impacted the insurance industry.  


Our “new normal” collides with epic catastrophes

Just as the country emerged from mandated lockdowns, several regions faced a series of epic natural catastrophes. How has driving been affected? What does this mean for your business? We dive into driving behavior shifts throughout the pandemic and reflect on the potential longer-term impact on insurance: from risk modeling to product offerings to customer acquisition.


COVID-19: As cases surge, how are individual drivers responding?

First, we saw mileage decrease an unprecedented 55% in the heart of Shelter-in-Place. By June we saw it return within 30% of normal, though with wide variations between states and counties. Now we’re seeing a new surge in COVID cases impact driving behaviors, as local governments impose new restrictions, and individuals decide how much to limit their own exposure.


COVID-19: Driving behavior insights as states reopen

While many states have eased or lifted their stay-at-home orders, the degree to which counties and cities within those states have lifted their own orders varies. In this webinar, Arity experts explain how driving behaviors are shifting and the implications of these shifts on the insurance industry and consumer expectations.


COVID-19: Driving behavior insights for insurers

Some states are beginning to lift COVID-19 restrictions, but what does that mean for driving behavior and your business? In this webinar, Arity experts Rob Nendorf and Megan Klein will share how driving behaviors are shifting as certain states reopen their economies.


COVID-19: Insights on the impact to transportation

How has personal travel changed in response to COVID-19? In this webinar, Arity experts share an in-depth analysis on how mobility behaviors and risk have changed throughout the pandemic.