Arity guide | Your ticket to Gen Z customers

Gen Z is taking the wheel and changing auto insurance norms. Learn how insurers can attract new, younger drivers with fair pricing and digital-first experiences.

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Insurance policy pricing based on actual driving behavior

As Gen Z drivers look for policy pricing factors that are more within their control, states are also looking to ban the use of non-driving factors in setting rates. Additionally, Gen Z drivers are looking for a digital experience with fair pricing models that reflect their actual driving habits — and ditching companies that operate solely on traditional proxies.

There is also a growing number of states such as Colorado, Illinois, Nevada and Washington that are looking to ban the use of non-driving factors in setting rates. As a result, insurers must adjust long-standing insurance marketing techniques to win over the youngest drivers on the road and stay ahead of the potential regulatory changes.

Strategize insurance solutions for the next generation

Are you ready to capture the Gen Z drivers pouring into today’s insurance market? In “Mobile telematics: Your ticket to Gen Z customers,” we’ll share our secrets to success in winning over Gen Z drivers through behavior-based pricing with a convenient digital interface.