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Leverage the world’s largest driving behavior database built from over 200 million connections for targeted marketing.

Auto insurance marketers can increase profitability using Arity Marketing Solutions to connect to their best customers based on driving risk and behavioral data.

Other marketers, including Auto Aftermarket, Automotive, Retail, and QSR, can reach their best customers with the right messaging based on how, when, and where they drive.

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Arity Audiences

Built from driving data from over 200 million connections, Arity Audiences enable marketers to reach consumers in digital marketing campaigns based on how, when, and where they drive.

By layering behaviors like driving risk, mileage, commuting habits, points of interest frequently driven past, and more, on top of existing audience targeting tactics, marketers can achieve a complete understanding of their customers and how they move through the world.

For Auto Insurance carriers, Arity’s lowest-risk tier drivers have up to 5x greater lifetime value than average drivers. Focusing on these audiences in ad campaigns enables Auto Insurance marketers to reach the highest-value drivers, spend less on lower-value prospects, and increase overall profitability.

Other verticals that benefit from leveraging driving data to reach the best customers for their business include Auto Aftermarket, Auto Manufacturers & Dealers, Retail, Quick-Serve Restaurants, Fuel & Convenience, and more.

Arity Audiences are available off-the-shelf from every major DSP and in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace for audience targeting across the digital ecosystem, and in the Arity Private Marketplace.

Our insurance clients have benefited from telematics-based customer targeting

The top 25% of scored drivers have a lifetime value of up to 5x greater than the average driver

Reach the best customers for your business with Arity Audiences

Marketers of all kinds can use Arity driving behavior audiences to connect with consumers based on how, when, and where they drive.

Insurance carrier audiences

• High to low risk drivers
• High to low mileage drivers
• High to low distance and duration commuters
• Distracted drivers
• Insurance premium drivers
• Lower funnel insurance shoppers

Auto aftermarket audiences

• Tire wear and tear audiences
• High to low risk drivers
• High to low mileage drivers
• High to low distance and duration commuters

Auto manufacturers and dealer audiences

• Safety-conscious drivers
• Performance drivers
• Fuel efficient drivers
• Lease/Trade-in potential drivers
• Comfort-seeking drivers
• In-market car shoppers
• Electric car interest driver

Retail and QSR audiences

• Predictive POI (point of interest) audiences

The Arity Private Marketplace

The Arity Private Marketplace (PMP) is the nation’s first driving behavior-based mobile advertising network, connecting marketers with millions of validated drivers through a network of driving-related mobile apps. ​

The Arity PMP enables marketers to leverage Arity Audiences to display customized ads to tens of millions of customers based on how they drive.


    • Reach millions of drivers based on their driving behavior exclusively in the Arity PMP
    • Understand your prospect and convert them to a customer
    • Make targeting and bidding decisions based on the lifetime value a customer will bring to your business, rather than optimizing toward clicks and conversions
    • Target based on risky driving behaviors, driving distance, commuting habits, and more
    • Turnkey execution with CPC-based KPIs, consistent with other walled garden marketing tactics
    • Both native and display ad units available
    • Fully managed service including setup, optimization to your goals, and reporting

Connect based on known customer lifetime value

Our digital marketing solutions are built from driving data from over 200 million connections. Use driving behavior data and insights to reach your ideal customers.

Boost marketing ROI

Use our marketing solutions to focus your efforts on reaching the audiences with driving behaviors you’re targeting.

Optimize for true customer value

Ensure you’re serving the best offers to each user based on their actual driving history and associated driving risk.

Reach prospects meaningfully

Leverage behavioral data to deliver relevant messaging based on each customer’s movement and driving experiences.

How it works

Driving data based targeting enables you to attract the drivers with the highest lifetime value and boost your customer acquisition ROI.

Collect and score

We collect driving data from mobile apps and telematics technology and derive scores for drivers based on behaviors like sudden acceleration, hard braking, distracted driving, and more

Identify and match

Using your prospecting preferences and campaign targeting criteria, we then identify a set of ideal customers within our massive network of connected users.

Reach and engage

Our network intelligently displays your ads to your ideal audience based on their movement and driving behavior, allowing you to serve contextually relevant offers.


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