Marketing solutions

Leverage the world’s largest driving behavior database for targeted marketing. Our digital marketing solutions help you find and connect to customers by utilizing our unique ability to predict lifetime value from their driving risk and behavioral data.

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Connect based on known customer lifetime value

Our digital marketing solutions are built on our nearly 100 million connections to drivers. Use personal driving behavior data and insights to reach your ideal customers.

Boost marketing ROI

Use our marketing solutions to focus your efforts on reaching the audiences with driving behaviors you’re targeting.

Optimize for true customer value

Ensure you’re serving the best offers to each user based on their actual driving history and associated driving risk.

Reach prospects meaningfully

Leverage behavioral data to deliver relevant messaging based on each customer’s movement and driving experiences.

Our insurance clients have benefited from telematics-based customer targeting

The top 25% of scored drivers have a lifetime value of up to 5x greater than the average driver

How it works

Driving data based targeting enables you to attract the drivers with the highest lifetime value and boost your customer acquisition ROI.

Collect and score

Arity collects driving data from drivers via mobile apps and then scores each driver based on behaviors such as distracted driving, sudden acceleration, hard braking, miles driven, time of day and more.

Identify and match

Using your prospecting preferences and campaign targeting criteria, we then identify a set of ideal customers within our massive network of connected users.

Reach and engage

Our network intelligently displays your ads to your ideal audience based on their movement and driving behavior, allowing you to serve contextually relevant offers.

Benefit from our pioneering digital marketing solutions

Get in front of your ideal customers and gain a competitive edge by working with the nation’s first driving data based advertising network.

Private Marketplace

Optimize your marketing spend by delivering offers to customers who better match your driving risk profile. Target based on driving behaviors to deliver the right message at the right time, while maximizing engagement and conversion.

Audience Network

Reach nearly 100 million customers across the digital ecosystem based on exclusive behavioral data. With our LiveRamp integration, seamlessly optimize marketing spend and increase customer lifetime value via the programmatic pipes you already have in place.


How to leverage driving data in insurance advertising

In this panel, Arity experts shared how driving behavior and risk data can inform customer lifetime value when used in targeted advertising. We’ll help you understand how to target the best prospects for your business and how to start tracking metrics that matter.
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