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a vehicle's route on a map with insights called out along it, and a monthly summary of miles, trips and events

Arity connects driving and mobility behaviors to actual loss cost. The outcome? Our most predictive measure of risk. Now leverage this data to not only price risk more profitably but to also target customers to your brand and add value throughout the customer lifecycle.

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a vehicle's route on a map with insights called out along it, and a monthly summary of miles, trips and events

Enterprise-scale solutions for insurers

With Arity, you’re better positioned to target the best drivers, price them more accurately, and establish a continuous connection for added value to both you and your customer.

Targeted marketing

The top quartile of Arity-scored drivers has 3.3x greater lifetime value relative to the average.

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More accurate pricing

You could increase segmentation of loss by 65%–80% with more accurate pricing and coverage.

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Better claims experience

It’s estimated that telematics can decrease the average claims expense by $200.

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Value-added services

Decrease pure premiums potentially up to 30% on some segments by motivating behavior change.

Encourage safer driving

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Part Four

First, we saw mileage decrease an unprecedented 55% in the heart of Shelter-in-Place. By June we saw it return within 30% of normal, though with wide variations between states and counties. Now we’re seeing a new surge in COVID cases impact driving behaviors, as local governments impose new restrictions, and individuals decide how much to limit their own exposure. Click the link below to gain insights on our latest webinar regarding how individual drivers are responding to a surge in cases.

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Better predict risk, improve loss ratio, and motivate behavior change

We’ve developed solutions that can help insurers efficiently target their market, price more accurately, and motivate behavior change.


Don’t just predict risk—predict profitability. By using the Arity Drivesight® score to leverage the predictive power of driving behavior, you can improve the loss ratio by more than 50% on the highest-risk drivers and improve retention of less risky drivers.


Capture telematics data while creating a brand-specific experience for your customers. The Routely app is a customizable, off-the-shelf option that accurately records a user’s trip behavior and provides deeper insight into every customer’s driving.

Driving Engine SDK

Generate telematics data within your existing insurance app. Our SDK is designed to capture specific driving behaviors in real-time including rapid acceleration, speeding, sudden braking, and phone handling—all while minimizing data usage.

The True Cost of Distracted Driving to Insurers

Distracted driving isn’t only a dangerous behavior—it’s an expensive one. We explain the behavioral science behind this trend, how to measure the costs with mobile phone telematics data, and provide six steps to help insurers reduce the associated losses.

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Uncover our latest mobility insights for insurers

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