Telematics data origination and collection

Arity captures nearly 2M trips every hour across multiple sources, generating a massive amount of driving data. Our flexible data origination and collection methods detect and capture driving behaviors including speeding, braking, distracted driving, and collision. From OBD-II devices to mobile products like Routely® our data origination solutions enable more accurate analysis of trends and more informed business decisions.

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Generate telematics and vehicle data with flexible data origination


Create rich customer experiences by leveraging user-level, real-time mobility and driving data with SDKs or off-the-shelf apps like Routely.


Implement OBD-II devices to use a car’s onboard diagnostic system for data collection on driving behavior and vehicle diagnostics.

Additional sources

Leverage data origination from third-party sources such as connected cars and OEMs to expand your vehicle data.

Capture raw vehicle and driving data for powerful insights

Our comprehensive approach to data origination allows us to capture driving behavior and events at an unprecedented scale.

By using multiple data collection methods, we’re able to provide a more complete picture of your customers’ driving behaviors. We enable smarter insights by tracking data like:

  • Last known location (GPS)
  • Mileage tracking
  • Time of day
  • Location capture
  • Phone movement
  • Speed capture

Armed with accurate insights, you’re able to analyze trends, drive strategy, and create more informed business decisions.

70M trips per day

11000 miles per second

Access mobile data origination solutions built for your business

In addition to our sensor and device data collection capabilities, we offer mobile products that provide flexible, customer-centric data origination.

Driving Engine SDK

Generate telematics data within your existing app, and use it to enhance user experiences. Our SDK is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing user interface experience and capture specific driving behavior in real time. Collect data on rapid acceleration, speeding, sudden braking, and phone handling — all while minimizing data usage.

The Arity Driving Engine SDK turns smartphones into powerful sensors, gathering driving data that you can use to create richer customer experiences. Enhance driver safety, personalize user experiences, create contextual targeting, and more with access to a full picture of users’ online and offline behaviors.


Power flexible data origination while creating a brand-specific experience for your customers. The Routely app is a customizable, off-the-shelf option that accurately records a user’s trip behavior and provides deeper insight into every customer’s driving.

Routely provides benefits for both insurers and customers. Insurers can use Routely to seamlessly onboard customers into a telematics program. And with mobile data origination, insurers can unlock deeper insights into driving behavior, enabling them to encourage safer driving.

Routely allows drivers to access their driving performance data, empowering them to review and correct risky behaviors. Routely is built with engaging in-app features, providing actionable tips and gamified experiences to help customers continuously improve driving behavior.


The power is in our platform

We combine raw data with industry-leading data science to deliver powerful business insights. Our platform transforms data from sensors like smartphones and OBD-II devices into meaningful insights that enable better experiences for consumers.

Upholding global standards for privacy, security, and governance is not a value add for us—it’s fundamental

Data integrity

We continually evaluate trends to stay ahead and to build upon what’s required with proactive monitoring that provides assurance in meeting regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA.


Both our Regulatory and Compliance team and our Data Governance and Quality team ensure data is managed in accordance with regulations.


Protection of data is fundamental, and transparency is key. We believe in giving consumers a clear understanding of how their data will be used, as well as the value they can expect in return for sharing it.


We have a robust information security program that is designed to meet customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations. The protection of data is fundamental to our purpose and vision.

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