No more excuses: Let’s fix our broken transportation system  

Everyone has a role to play. Arity President Gary Hallgren urges society to join our team in taking action against our broken transportation system.

Dear society,  

Just a few weeks ago, I came across a local news article about a hit-and-run crash that resulted in two people losing their lives. As usual, the article reported on details of the incident: A moving vehicle crashed into a parked car which caused the death of two men who were simply just standing nearby.  

But what really got to me – what always gets to me – were the details of who these people were, the lives they led, and the families they left behind: One of the victims was a 59-year-old man whose life-long friend described as a “hard-working man who loved cars and was dedicated to his five children and two grandchildren.”  

On Thanksgiving Day, he lost his life. And his family lost a brother, father, grandfather. This one story is heartbreaking. The fact that there are 40,000+ stories like this – 40,000+ lives lost on U.S. roads – every single year is unacceptable.   

We see the headlines, we read the statistics, and we know something has to change. We need to find a way to change it now. 

Today, there is more data than ever on what’s causing risk on our roads, and Arity is on a mission to leverage that data to create insights that empower a smarter, safer, and more useful way to navigate the world.  

A vision for the future 

Our goals for the future of mobility may – at first – seem big and daunting, but there are things we can do to improve these problems. And even if only incrementally, the goals we are setting out to achieve are critical as our time, our money, and our lives hang in the balance.  

  • First and foremost, we envision the future of mobility is safer. We want to live in a world where no one loses a friend, parent, or child in an avoidable accident.  
  • Second, we hope the future of mobility is smarter. We want transportation to be more accessible and convenient to people of all means and needs, no matter where they live or how they move.  
  • And last but not least, we wish the future of mobility is more useful. We want to reduce the burden and risk in how we all get from Point A to Point B.  

Let’s turn “envision,” “hope,” and “wish,” into reality. At Arity, we believe this future will be driven by data that explains how people move and interact. However, as with any other life-changing, life-saving mission, we can’t do this alone.  

Driving change with driving data 

Everyone has a role to play in the future of mobility, from individuals, to businesses, to government. Our goals may be big, but small, incremental changes from a passionate, collaborative “all hands on deck” industry can start us down the right path.  

Arity views driving data as the jet fuel that powers the engine and propels the jet, so it can take to the skies. In this analogy:  

  • Jet fuel = Driver-permissioned data. First, the future of mobility needs its fuel – data that is “on demand,” available now and not just after the fact when it’s less useful. In today’s environment, we understand that some people might be hesitant about sharing their information. But when you weigh that against the benefits of arriving home quicker and safer, for example, you may realize the exchange is worth it.  
  • Engine = Arity. People are generating massive amounts of data as they move throughout their day, and with nearly 40 million connections to U.S. drivers, Arity’s role is to turn that raw data into something useful – i.e., actionable insights – for everyone.  
  • Jet = Businesses and government agencies. Once we have those insights, we work with our partners (auto insurers, brands, city planners, and other transportation stakeholders) to create meaningful change on our roads through various solutions and initiatives. Many of these bring direct value to the driver who shared their data in the first place, helping them understand their driving behaviors so they can make smarter, safer decisions behind the wheel.    
  • Skies = The future of mobility. A smarter, safer, and more useful transportation ecosystem where, one day:

    – Every driver understands the impact of their own risky driving behaviors – speeding, distracted driving, hard braking, etc. – and is motivated and empowered to mitigate those behaviors to create a better transportation experience for all.

    – There are zero road fatalities.

    – Commuters are no longer filled with dread and anxiety as they head out in the mornings because we have alleviated traffic jams, risky driving behaviors, and train delays.

Join the #FoM journey 

It’s time for all of us to unite under this one mission to bring the future of mobility to life.   

Are you ready? Follow Arity on LinkedIn as we build and bring the #FoM community together around specific and immediate action to turn this vision into reality. We all have a role to play. So, let’s embark on this journey together!  


Headshot of Gary Hallgren
Gary Hallgren
Gary’s love of the automotive industry started early, with his first car being a 1975 Chevy Monte Carlo. Today he still owns a 20-year-old Dodge. Gary hires great leaders and aligns on the vision and strategy for Arity, also known as “President."