Arity and Connected Analytic Services: Driving value with driving data

Arity · April 20, 2023 · 1 min read
Arity and Connected Analytic Services team up to drive value for connected car vehicle owners and auto insurers.

Arity and Connected Analytic Services, LLC (CAS), a Toyota affiliate, recently teamed up, bringing connected-car data from Toyota and Lexus vehicles to the Arity platform. Through this partnership, Arity and CAS will provide driving data from connected vehicles to auto insurance carriers, enabling vehicle owners to access usage-based auto insurance (UBI) products.

Here are three ways the partnership is making auto insurance smarter, safer, and more economical for Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners.  

Smarter: Offering the most predictive measure of driver risk yet

According to Arity’s President Gary Hallgren, the partnership with CAS brings us a big step closer to connecting with every driver – a strategy that enables us to continuously offer the most predictive measure of driver risk to date.

With the largest U.S. data set for actual driving risk, Arity’s able to offer carriers an unparalleled competitive advantage, while at the same time giving consumers transparency and control over their auto insurance rates.  

Safer: Protecting customers and promoting safer driving behaviors

Arity and CAS are committed to promoting safer driving with data integrity and customer privacy as a top priority. If a Toyota and Lexus vehicle owner opts in to sharing their connected-car data, the partners will share it with insurers to incentivize safe driving as well as enable more personalized experiences through the entire customer lifecycle.

More economical: Empowering customers with greater control over auto insurance rates

Joe Guerin, General Manager of CAS, said their team strives to provide consumers with as much value from their vehicle and driving data as possible. Toyota and Lexus connected-car owners who opt in to sharing their data gain greater personalization, transparency, and control over what they pay for auto insurance.

Ready to learn more? Check out our news release!

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