On-Demand Webinar | How to leverage driving data in insurance advertising


As insurance marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to reach the right audience. With traditional advertising, it’s impossible to know whether you’re targeting the most profitable drivers and short-term KPIs like clickthrough, quote, and conversion rate can mask the bigger picture. The result? Wasting valuable spend on drivers who were most likely to click and convert, but who will be unprofitable down the road.

In this panel, Arity experts shared how driving behavior and risk data can inform customer lifetime value when used in targeted advertising. We’ll help you understand how to target the best prospects for your business and how to start tracking metrics that matter.

Throughout the session, we will answer some common questions such as:

  • Why should insurance marketers be focused on customer lifetime value?
  • How can driving data be used to target the right audiences?
  • What KPI’s should you be measuring for success?

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company with more than 400 billion miles of driving data collected from over 23 million active connections. Our audiences are scored based on factors such as distracting driving, hard braking, sudden acceleration, speeding and more.

Meet the speakers

Lisa Jillson

Head of Marketing & Design

Fred Dimesa

Head of Advertising & Aggregated Data Product Segment

Jen Gold

Director, Product Marketing

Louisa Harbage-Edell

Director, Market Intelligence & Strategy