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Understand your drivers

We’re leveraging our expertise in risk modeling—including analyzing nearly 143 billion miles and 85+ years of Allstate insurance and driving data—to predict and manage driving risk in real time. From data collection to risk scoring, we have everything you need to provide drivers with more accurate, meaningful, and personalized experiences.

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Arity’s data, scoring and analytics solutions at a glance:

Driving Engine SDK

Capture detailed driving data

Designed to integrate directly into your mobile app, our software development kit (SDK) transforms iOS and Android devices into powerful telematics sensors. Equipped with automatic trip detection, our SDK enables customer devices to capture the driving data needed to power more predictive insights.

No app? Use ours to collect the data you need — available for iOS and Android.

Driving Behavior

Identify common driving habits

Driving Behavior is a comprehensive platform for capturing and processing data from mobile apps, quickly distilling raw data into identifiable events like hard braking or excessive speeding. That’s the information you need to understand driving behavior on an individual basis.

Use cases:
Insurance, Shared Mobility, Gig Economy, OEM

Driving Score

Make informed decisions about your drivers

Driving Score analyzes driving behavior, including phone handling, to measure drivers’ relative risk, allowing you to easily identify and retain the best drivers for your business. Our Driving Score combines both traditional and telematics data to better understand individual driving risk and mitigate loss.

Use cases:
Insurance, Shared Mobility, Government, Auto Aftermarket

Driver PreQual

Quickly screen prospective drivers

Built on more than 85 years of loss modeling, Driver PreQual leverages machine learning to return a predictive risk assessment for each of your drivers. That allows you to qualify drivers based on existing driving risk, helping assess a driver’s impact on claims in advance of driving. It’s an easy way to better protect your brand, your customers and your business.

Use cases:
Insurance, Shared Mobility, Government, Auto Aftermarket

Driver Analytics Report

See how your drivers stack up

The Driver Analytics Report allows you to compare your drivers’ performance with a network of more than a million drivers, tracking metrics like average risk score and expected loss. Those measurements, delivered in the form of a comprehensive fleet profile, offer insights you can use to help minimize insurance costs and attract the best drivers.

Use cases:
Shared Mobility, Fleet Management, Gig Economy, OEM

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