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insights on a shared mobility dashboard include fleet driving event scores

Our mobility insights for the sharing economy enable growth for rideshare, carshare, and on-demand delivery companies. Built on decades of claims and telematics data, Arity Sharing Economy Solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions to mitigate risk and optimize costs, so you can keep planning for scale.

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insights on a shared mobility dashboard include fleet driving event scores

Save time and money with mobility insights designed for the sharing economy

Enhance driver management

Find better drivers using unmatched claims and risk data, and get insights to coach and engage drivers ongoing by leveraging telematics data

Optimize vehicle management

Lower vehicle costs and improve customer experience with continual updates on vehicle condition along with analytics on how, when, and where your cars are driven.

Strategize for growth

Understand more about each ride, delivery, and rental so you can optimize marketing, operations, and risk management specifically for your business.


Make data-driven decisions to engage the right drivers, manage activity on the road, and plan for scale

Driver Insights

Optimize driver onboarding and management with scoring and insights from Arity.

Driver Onboarding

Understand your drivers’ history and better predict their future driving risk. Save time and money by selecting the right drivers from the start.

: MVR Report
: Predictive Arity PreQual Score

Driver Monitoring

Score drivers based on how they drive while on your platform, see which drivers need coaching, and reduce friction filing claims.

: Telematics software or hardware
: Driving behavior analytics
: Arity driving risk score

Vehicle Insights

Better understand your customers and vehicles with sensor-agnostic tracking and insights.

Vehicle Tracking

Simplify vehicle management with live GPS tracking and insights. See when vehicles are active on the platform and better understand how customers engage with your platform.

: Telematics software or hardware
: Vehicle real-time location
: Vehicle trip history
: Driving behavior analytics

Vehicle Health

Make vehicle maintenance easier with insights on vehicle condition. Optimize servicing schedules and costs with individual and comprehensive views to manage all your vehicles across markets.

: Vehicle Diagnostic Codes
: Mileage by vehicle and trip
: Fuel level
: Collision damage reports

Trip Insights

Improve claims operations and insurance costs with more insights on each delivery, ride, and rental made on your platform.

Collision Detection

Receive automatic notifications when an accident occurs. Respond to customers quickly and file claims promptly and accurately with comprehensive data.

Gig Detection

Understand when your drivers and vehicles are working for other gig platforms. Validate when your business is liable for claims, and learn when drivers are stacking apps.

Insurable Miles Report

Improve transparency and billing with simple reports that verify your insurable miles.

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Sharing Economy Solutions in action

Arity and Clutch Technologies partnered to change the way insurers evaluate the risk of vehicle subscription drivers. Find out how Clutch Technologies leveraged our risk expertise and insights to improve risk management and negotiate lower commercial insurance pricing.

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