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Sharing economy solutions

insights on a shared mobility dashboard include fleet driving event scores

Our mobility insights for the sharing economy enable growth for rideshare, carshare, and on-demand delivery companies. Built on decades of claims and telematics data, Arity Sharing Economy Solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions to mitigate risk and optimize costs, so you can keep planning for scale.

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insights on a shared mobility dashboard include fleet driving event scores

Save time and money with mobility insights designed for the sharing economy

Enhance driver management

Find better drivers using unmatched claims and risk data, and get insights to coach and engage drivers ongoing by leveraging telematics data

Optimize vehicle management

Lower vehicle costs and improve customer experience with continual updates on vehicle condition along with analytics on how, when, and where your cars are driven.

Strategize for growth

Understand more about each ride, delivery, and rental so you can optimize marketing, operations, and risk management specifically for your business.

Make data-driven decisions to engage the right drivers, manage activity on the road, and plan for scale

Meet projected demands with the help of our telematics data and sharing economy solutions.

Driver Insights

Our set of Driver Insights help you engage with the right drivers from onboarding through retention. From scores to predict driver claims and losses to scores to analyze their actual driving behaviors, you have the tools to make driver management more focused and effective to keep drivers engaged with your platform.

Vehicle Insights

Vehicle Insights help you manage how and when all vehicles are shared across your platform. With continuous tracking and health analytics, you get a comprehensive view of how, when, and where vehicles are on the road, along with additional insights on their condition. Built off of telematics and vehicle data, these insights make vehicle management easier.

Trip Insights

Understand how trips on and off your platform vary so you can make smarter decisions on how to grow your business. With insights on each ride, delivery, and rental on your platform, you have access to data to optimize marketing and improve driver relations, while also providing commercial insurers with data to price policies appropriately for your business.

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Shared Economy Solutions in action

Arity and Clutch Technologies partnered to change the way insurers evaluate the risk of vehicle subscription drivers. Find out how Clutch Technologies leveraged our risk expertise and insights to improve risk management and negotiate lower commercial insurance pricing.

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