Mobility Intelligence

In near real-time, businesses and public agencies can address current gaps in understanding how their customers and communities get from point A to B. Born from auto insurance, we understand how, where, and when people drive translates to real impacts on the bottom line. Whether you’re a business looking to make smarter decisions through an understanding of customer commuting patterns, or a transportation planner eager to save lives on our roadways, our 30M+ first-party continuous connections generate 95M+ trips per day to create a more accurate and comprehensive picture of mobility.

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The power of data at scale

Our depth, breadth, and frequency of driving data is among the best in the industry. Leverage our insights to help inform crucial decisions – whether for business planning or key infrastructure projects.

First party vehicle driving data

Solutions powered by data generated from consumer mobile apps with “always-on” authorization

All functional road types

65% of our data is from arterial roads across entire United States

High frequency data collection

Data highly representative of where consumers drive day-to-day

Our differentiation

With our high frequency data collection, we have the ability to see collisions, braking, acceleration and distracted driving in real-time. We use these insights to help our customers make more accurate and reliable decisions around driving behavior and road conditions.

Access mobility intelligence solutions built for your business

As your primary supplier of traffic and driving behavior data, Arity accelerates your most critical business decisions.

Driving Events

Wonder what’s happening at a specific intersection? Looking to derive the risk of one roadway versus another? Driving events such as collisions, phone handling, hard braking, extreme speeding and more can provide this level of analysis to help businesses make smarter decisions and improve their bottom line.

Vehicle Miles Traveled

Leverage the highly accurate vehicle miles traveled data you need – delivered every week. From forecasting revenue to knowing how much inventory, staff, and marketing spend you need at the store level, our vehicle miles traveled data gives you access to miles driven daily, weekly, or monthly at the zip code, county, and state level to drive better outcomes for your business.

Real Time Traffic

Understanding traffic density and flow in real time can be essential for many businesses. Whether you’re a traffic company supporting time-sensitive logistics decisions, a city deciding if you need to add a costly new lane to a road, or an autonomous vehicle manufacturer looking to understand interactions between vehicles on the road, our real time traffic solution has the insights you need to move ahead with confidence. Collecting data from both mobile & physical devices (OBD-II), our millions of active connections ensure you have data at scale to understand the way vehicles are moving on the roads.

Custom Solutions

Don’t see what you need? Tap into our data engineering and data science professional services to build a custom solution.

Upholding global standards for privacy, security, and governance is not a value add for us—it’s fundamental

Data integrity

We continually evaluate trends to stay ahead and to build upon what’s required with proactive monitoring that provides assurance in meeting regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA.


Both our Regulatory and Compliance team and our Data Governance and Quality team ensure data is managed in accordance with regulations.


Protection of data is fundamental, and transparency is key. We believe in giving consumers a clear understanding of how their data will be used, as well as the value they can expect in return for sharing it.


We have a robust information security program that is designed to meet customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations. The protection of data is fundamental to our purpose and vision.


The power is in our platform

Our platform transforms raw data from sensors like smartphones and OBD-II devices into meaningful insights that are predictive of risk and enable better experiences for consumers.

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