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Arity and Ford team up to give drivers more control over what they pay for insurance

Arity · February 25, 2021 · 3 min read
Arity is working with Ford to allow drivers of Ford and Lincoln connected cars to opt-in in to having Arity score their data for UBI purposes.

Usage-based insurance may not be mainstream … but it’s on its way and sooner than you might have thought. Arity has recently teamed up with Ford to help make the process more streamlined for the drivers of eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

As insurers are well aware, usage-based insurance programs enable insurers to price auto insurance more accurately. But historically, drivers had to download and manage an additional app or plugin an OBD (onboard diagnostic) device to make it happen.

Arity and Ford are working together to eliminate this friction for Ford drivers. Ford’s built-in connected car technology together with Arity’s telematics platform gives drivers access to personalized driving data directly from the vehicle. This data can empower them with information that promotes safer driving, which could lead to cost savings for the insurer and consumer alike.

The Power of Arity Built into Vehicles

Telematics programs that are designed to encourage safe driving and enable insurers to offer their customers incentives, such as rewards and personalized pricing, are not new. But now eligible Ford vehicles will have the power of Arity built right in.

Why are auto insurers paying attention? Here are a few reasons:

  • Comprehensive: This is an end-to-end solution for identifying and quantifying driving behaviors. The technology is embedded into the vehicle. With a driver’s permission, Arity can share driving data with their insurer.
  • Adoption: Insurers can quickly and easily grow their usage-based program adoption.
  • Price Accuracy: Mobility data best positions insurers to provide the most accurate price.
  • Consumer Control: Telematics programs like this one offer consumers the transparency and control they so strongly desire.

How the Arity Platform Works with Connected Cars

With the driver’s consent, Arity’s telematics platform will safely and securely collect and process driving data directly from activated Ford vehicles. Arity ForecastSM, our filed and regulator-reviewed driving score, provides an accurate view of vehicle usage and driving behaviors, as well as a credible indication of risk that any insurer can use to improve pricing sophistication and provide discounts for customers.

Who Benefits from Arity’s Telematics Platform

A connected car that leverages a built-in telematics system powered by Arity is a win-win-win-win for leveraging data for good.

  • Ford Motor Company can help their customers “get as much value from their vehicles as possible.
  • Consumers can understand how their driving impacts auto insurance and have more personalized insurance opportunities.
  • Insurers can engage with and educate consumers about driving safely while offering pricing incentives and other rewards.
  • And Arity can continue to help organizations better understand driving behavior, manage risk, operate more safely, and ultimately increase their bottom line,

With billion miles of historical driving data from more than 23 million active telematics connections, Arity is set up to help more auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and other organizations leverage mobility data to increase value for their customers. Will yours be next?

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