Arity Privacy Center

At Arity, we take data privacy seriously

We designed this Privacy Center to easily share information about the data we collect, including how we collect data, what we use it for, and our approach to data privacy.

We believe collecting and using data responsibly and transparently will create better experiences on and off the road for people, communities, and businesses. Our commitment to the privacy and security of our users’ data is not only the right thing to do, protecting user data is fundamental to our purpose and vision. To read our full Privacy Statement, please click here.

Building on the approach to privacy and security adopted from our founder, The Allstate Corporation, we established a principle-based framework that guides everything we do with the data we collect.

Arity’s data principles

Maintain integrity

We engage with partners who share our principles around data. We require all our partners to have obtained the necessary rights to share data in accordance with all applicable laws, including data privacy laws. We hold all our partners accountable for compliance with laws. 

Keep data private and secure

We implement industry best practices, like encrypting data at rest and in transit. And we store only the data we need, for as long as we need it, and use as little personal information as possible to create the value we promised to deliv

Offer choice and control

Whenever possible, we provideways to control sharing data with Arity and how it can or cannot be used. We create partnerships that leverage informed consent to ingest personal data and give consumers control over their data. 

Offer transparency

We believe in open and honest communication. That’s why in our resources we describe what information we collect, how it’s used, our data sharing practices, and the types of data source partners we work with. 

Create meaningful value for users

We aim to be as transparent and clear as possible about what data Arity collects and the value users receive in exchange for sharing their personal data. 

Strive for accuracy

We monitor, validate, normalize, and cleanse our data to deliver high quality and meaningful insights.

Your privacy choices

You have specific rights under certain state privacy laws as describ…