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#WeAreArity Wednesday: Rachel Mondi

Arity · August 8, 2018 · 3 min read
In our #WeAreArity series, we shine a spotlight on Arity employees each week. This week meet, Employee Engagement Sr Consultant, Rachel Mondi.

When Mom asks me what it is that I do again, I say

I help make Arity one of the best places to work! I’d consider myself the executor on the Culture Team. You can find me doing anything from helping improve programming to listening to our employees’ feedback. I have a plan for my day in the morning, but it can become something totally different by the end because I cater to the needs of our people!

In your own words, what is Arity?

Arity is helping make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful. In my previous life, I helped price large commercial accounts as an actuarial student. I love that Arity is creating some awesome apps to make pricing more accurate and intuitive to our customers. And that’s just one piece of the Arity story. How exciting!

My favorite mode of transportation is…

Walking / running. Whenever I visit a new location, I try to find a local 5K or a nice running path to explore the city! It helps me scope out some hidden gems, scenic photo opportunities, and good places to eat!

On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me…

Relaxing with my husband, calling my family, planning my next flight, or scoping out my next race.

If you could volunteer for any cause, what would it be? Why?

I used to tutor a lot in my youth, so activities that help children are near and dear. I also enjoy being outside, so I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do some manual labor. I love that the Bring Out the Good Month campaign gives me an opportunity to give back every year!

Most people don’t know …. 

My New Year’s resolution each year is to try something new. Because of this, I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone to run a Ragnar 200-mile relay race, explore new cities on my own, change jobs, and join Toastmasters!

The theme song of my life is…

Danza Kuduro. I wish I could play this song before I present in front of others. I love the beat, and it makes me want to dance, which would probably help me shake off my public speaking jitters!

Talk to your rideshare driver or silent ride?

Chat! I tend to use ridesharing when I travel to new locations. Who better than a local to give you advice on the best places to visit and eat at?!

Would you get in a self-driving car? Why or why not?

I’m pretty risk adverse, so as long as I know the car has made a couple trips before accident free, I’d be happy to hop in!

Favorite innovation pioneer?

This is a little different from the posed question, but I am a huge fan of Robby Novak. Who?! You might know him better as Kid President. His “Pep Talk” video went viral with over 42 million views back in 2013. His message was to inspire others to “create something that will make the world awesome”. It was such a fun video to remind everyone they have special skills to make the world a better place. Haven’t seen it? Check it out here

Want to be like Rachel? Join the Arity team and see what the hype is all about!

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