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Come to Chicago and be the change in mobility!

Rachel Allen · March 4, 2019 · 3 min read
The National Shared Mobility Summit is headed to Chicago this week and our expert, Rachel Allen, shares what she is most excited for.

We are three months into 2019 and I have been spending a ton of time with our customers across the country, visiting them in Colorado, San Francisco, and Seattle. Oh yeah, I squeezed in a quick weekend trip to Mexico just for fun. Something that has been consistent in each place that I’ve been this year is how quickly mobility is changing. Bikes! Scooters! Mopeds! Oh my!

Back here in Chicago, we are looking forward to welcoming all the mobility masterminds and operatives to our hometown for the National Shared Mobility Summit 2019. This gathering is an awesome opportunity to come together and connect with both old and new friends to exchange ideas on how sharing economy can transform transportation even faster.

Recently on MOVE, the Arity blog, I shared a few of my predictions on what I see happening in and around mobility in 2019. In advance of the Summit, I want to expand on those thoughts and highlight a few things that I am looking forward to diving in to with my colleagues here in Chicago.

The Multiplicity of Multi-Modal

How we design, build, measure, and grow mobility into a seamless system is something that should always be at the top of our list. As we think about improving travel from A to B to C with more shared miles via modes like cars, trains, or scooters, it will be interesting to see what partnerships are formed, how investments and acquisitions are evolving, and the ways that this will benefit the consumer experience.

The Elusive First and Last Mile

From scooters to drones… we are all trying to solve the first and last mile puzzle, in several ways.

Something that I am eager to hear about is how communities can come together to deliver both goods and people. There has got to be a P2P solution for this!

Sharing About Carsharing

In my work here at Arity, we are seeing a lot of interest in what carshare services need to protect their assets and increase driver and passenger safety. Whether it be the innovative work that we are doing with our friends at Clutch or the different strategies that OEM’s are testing, I am excited to connect with all the smart folks involved in car shares and exchange what we’ve learned over the last 12 months.

Moving Mobility Forward Will Take a Village

There are several interesting panels on the Summit agenda focused on how political representatives, agency officials, and providers are working together and how to improve collaboration, along with discussions on the size and scope of risk related to this effort as well. I strongly encourage you to attend the “Risk and Uncertainty for Users and Operators,” panel at 4:15 PM on Thursday (3/7). The discussion will include a great group of very insightful folks from Munich Re, RAND Corporation, RubyRide, and of course myself.

In the end, I believe that the Summit is a unique gathering where we can come together to create a supportive, insightful community that will educate, inspire, and facilitate even faster development of these new services and business models. Please come by and visit the Arity crew at Booth 18 in the Expo and I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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