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Shared Mobility Solutions

Improved driver and fleet management, plus flexible insurance and pricing, in any market.

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Our tools give shared mobility partners a deeper look into how risk impacts their business, upfront and ongoing. Through mobility intelligence built on driving data and risk analytics, we help our partners design services that aim to win customers, keep customers, and expand smoothly into new markets.

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Negotiate insurance pricing.

Assess risk up front and by driving period so you are equipped to work with insurers.

Manage margins.

Get detailed vehicle and driver analytics, by driving period, to help you design programs that balance cost centers and profit.

Build a competitive growth strategy.

Enter opportune markets with the tools you need to scale profitably. Design dynamic programs that can flex with each market’s unique demands.

Meet the products powering our Shared Mobility Solutions.

Arity PreQual

Use our predictive driver analytics model to understand the expected relative risk of drivers.

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Vehicle Utilization

Analyze metrics on vehicle management costs related to miles driven, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

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Mobility Behavior

Access driver coaching analytics and ratings relative to your entire member pool.

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Mobility Phases

Get fleet tracking and driver analytics metrics that are critical to evaluating risk exposure, segmented by driving period.

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Mobility Trends

Evaluate regional transportation patterns to forecast demand, aid expansion into new markets and improve service in existing areas.

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