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Shared Mobility Solutions

Optimize risk to grow your business with a competitive edge.

We’re working with all kinds of shared mobility companies to identify how risk affects customer retention and expansion into new markets. Our background in predictive insurance modeling and telematics helps us quickly predict how people will drive and analyze how they actually drive. Over time, you’ll understand how those factors correlate to the value of your vehicles and your services.


See what you can do with the right metrics.

Measure the value of drivers up front.

Learn who’s likely to drive better and cost less—as soon as they apply.

Deliver the experience customers deserve.

Help ensure customer safety every step of the way.

Help insurers understand your business

Access reports that help carriers design coverage tailored to your business.

Explore the products powering Shared Mobility Solutions.

Arity PreQual

Assess risk up front to expand recruitment and keep your business growing.

Vehicle Utilization

Accurately project the value of shared vehicles using real-time analysis of vehicle health, GPS tracking and utilization metrics.

Arity Driving Engine SDK

Earn more with every mile when you price drivers based on how they behave behind the wheel.

Period Tagging SDK

Track exactly when drivers are driving for your platform so you can optimize your coverage options.

Learn how to stay ahead of the changing market.