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Insurance Solutions

Better understanding risk to help price more accurately and prevent loss

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Driving behavior is the next step in helping insurers understand customers and further reduce loss. Our comprehensive Insurance Solutions help you evaluate driving risk and uncover valuable insights, using a driving score that combines traditional, non-telematics data with driving data, including phone handling, for the most predictive measure of driving risk. And utilizing our foundational roots, we offer top-tier onboarding and support, so you can easily start pricing more accurately and help reduce costs.

Source driving scores based on the data that’s most predictive of risk.

Determine driving scores by capturing individual data.

Tap into our full suite of data capture technologies—or integrate your own—to easily integrate with our highly predictive driving score.

Source meaningful data that helps explain risk.

Close the gaps caused by pricing inefficiencies in traditional rating plans, and expose discrepancies in even the most advanced risk models.

Streamline integration, rating and reporting.

Tap our best practices to implement quickly, easily integrate with policy administration systems and get help managing regulatory approvals.

Optimize driver safety and improve driving experiences.

Provide drivers with valuable feedback to accelerate customer adoption and extend user connections.

Enhance existing programs and improve your customers' experience.

Offer insights that provide value throughout the policy life cycle.

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