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Insurance Solutions

Better understanding risk to help price more accurately and prevent loss.

Driving behavior is the next step in helping insurers understand customers and further reduce loss. Our comprehensive Insurance Solutions help you evaluate driving risk and uncover valuable insights, using the Arity Drivesight driving score that combines traditional, non-telematics data with driving data, including phone handling, for the most predictive measure of driving risk. And utilizing our foundational roots, we offer top-tier onboarding and support, so you can easily start pricing more accurately and help reduce costs.

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Learn more about the science behind distracted driving and how you can use telematics data to help make the roads safer for all.

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Source driving scores based on the data that’s most predictive of risk.

Capture driving data.

You can collect data using our off-the-shelf mobile app, embedding our SDK into your app, or using a tag or OBDII device. Have your own data source? We can use that too.

Better predict driver risk & future losses.

Our models layer sophisticated telematics data, including phone use, on top of traditional rating factors to deliver the best prediction of driving risk. Going beyond simply predicting whether an accident will occur, we model driving data with actual claims information to accurately predict future loss.

Streamline rating and reporting services.

Subscribe to our driving score models, which are pre-approved with regulators to ease the filing process. Then, once you’re deployed, utilize our smart dashboard to effectively manage your funnel and customers.

Get it all in one place.

We have quick onboarding tools and sales support, our own suite of telematics products, and analytical acumen, all in one package. With our simplified deployment tools, your telematics program can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

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