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Automotive Solutions

Plan for the road ahead, from accident prediction to autonomous vehicles.

Our highly predictive risk model combines years of detailed accident data with current road insights to keep automotive partners up to date on what to expect down the road. We design solutions to help optimize OEMs’ telematics, ADAS and vehicle safety systems, enhance infrastructure planning, and improve safety in new forms of mobility, like autonomous vehicles.

Predict, Prevent, Alert: Estimating risk and improving driver safety

Improve road safety with detailed accident prediction models.

Integrate our real-time road risk score into your applications, or use our historic collision data to predict the probability and severity of accidents.

Send drivers safe alerts about high-risk routes.

Add our Drive Shield Alerts API into your application to alert drivers to potential dangers on the road, based on up-to-the-minute, contextual conditions.

Prioritize safety in your navigation applications.

Leverage our Drive Shield Routing API in your navigation products to help drivers quickly identify a safer route to their destinations.

Improve the accuracy of vehicle safety systems.

Assist vehicles’ active safety systems by adding predictive insights that could help them react faster and potentially improve vehicle safety by seeing further down the road.

Meet the products powering our Automotive Solutions.

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