Game day crashes


Game day crashes

Driving behavior near stadiums September 17, 2022 6pm – 4am Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles, CA

On a non-game day, 52 crashes occurred.
On this game day, 98 crashes occurred.
On this game day, crash detections remained high at night.
[data visualization showing the increased volume of crashes each hour starting at 6pm until 3am]

The risk of crashes is not always higher in big cities like L.A.
College StaIon, TX showed 34% more crashes this game day.
[data visualization showing that Los Angeles, CA experienced 98 crashes and College Station, TX experienced 248 crashes]

Kyle Field
College Station, TX
During this game day, 248 crashes occurred. Distracted driving caused 16 crashes.
69% of these occurred at speeds over 30mph.

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