Add value to your customers and business through a continuous telematics connection

Now more than ever, companies today are needing to build much deeper ties to customers due to technology that has enabled frequent, low-friction, customized digital interactions.

Instead of waiting for customers coming directly to insurance companies, carriers need to flip their mindset and meet the customer the moment their needs arise and sometimes even earlier. Through this shift of doing business, insurance carriers can create value for themselves, their customer and the greater good for society.

Ross Reichardt took the stage at ITC 2019 to explain the benefits of a continuous telematics connection and gives examples of how telematics can provide better touchpoints with customers to make engagement less disruptive and more meaningful.

Ross Reichardt

Ross Reichardt is a Product Manager at Arity, which is a technology company founded by The Allstate Corporation that provides data science and insight solutions for customers across the globe. Most recently, Ross was a Senior Product Designer on the Allstate User Experience & Design Team leading design efforts across multiple lines of business. Additionally, Ross spent time at the Xerox Corporation as well the Milwaukee Division of HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) disrupting and dismantling narcotics trafficking into the Midwest. Ross holds a Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University.