Driver Onboarding​

Get a predictive onboarding score that translates how a driver’s violation history leads to claims costs in the future. Discern more about drivers upfront with this combined report of their violation history and their predicted claims costs, allowing you to optimize costs and pricing before they join your platform.

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Smarter predictions to onboard drivers

Driver Onboarding, unlike MVR, helps you understand which kinds of violations are likely to result in claims. Our predictive score weights the recency and type of violation on a driver’s record, along with other proprietary factors, to determine their claims costs.

Set dynamic pricing

Establish pricing strategies based on the predicted costs of individual drivers.

Lower onboarding and claims costs

Our report includes a driver's violation history and a predictive onboarding score that indicates their claims costs — all for less than the average cost of $10/MVR.

Integrate with fewer vendors

Request a driver's predictive onboarding score and raw violation data through Arity.

Our differentiation

Arity is uniquely positioned to help you predict how drivers will affect your bottom line in the future.


Driver Onboarding scores are based on analyzing over 13 million policies and associated claims.


We have 85+ years of experience analyzing driver data and historical claims.

Industry experts

Our dedicated team has first-hand experience balancing the risks and demands of onboarding drivers.

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