Innovative mobile telematics

No matter your expertise, we meet you where you are. Our data collection options set you up to activate the power of driving behaviors now and across the entire consumer lifecycle.

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Telematics any way you want it

Our flexible technology allows you to easily implement driving behavior monitoring, coaching and measurement. Now, you can launch and iterate your program in market faster and easier than ever.

Leverage our off-the-shelf app

  • Quickest program launch
  • Your brand logo and color scheme
  • No app expertise required

Create a custom-branded app

  • Full control of features and design
  • App store branded experience
  • Easily add new features over time

Integrate into your existing app

  • Fold telematics in with the Arity SDK
  • Unified app experience – ‘one and done’
  • Increase customer value and retention with features like crash detection