Welcome to the Arity City Data Platform

We’re helping governments put data into action, instead of storage.

Powered by the Arity City Data Platform, this dashboard brings Arity’s billions of miles — and growing — of driving behavior data together with other private and public data, to give traffic safety engineers, city planners, and policy makers a completely new view of their streets.

What does this mean for Departments of Transportation? We know transportation is getting more complex daily, while safety and equity are increasingly important, and budgets get increasingly tighter.

We believe our unique insights into how, when, and why people move will allow traffic safety professionals to better discover and prioritize areas that need intervention and design solutions, along with monitoring the effects in a more efficient and cost-effective way. We believe our tool will become the foundation for designing roadways that really do work for everyone.

About Our Prototype

This prototype of the tool allows us to show you the power of our data and the vision we have for the platform by experiencing the prototype through following a specific narrative. That narrative is outlined to the right. Active parts in the prototype are limited to match this outline.

Click on any of the outline titles and the prototype will take you to the beginning of that part of the narrative.

Click anywhere within the prototype and it will show you blue boxes highlighting the clickable areas.


Vertical bar graphic

Button 1

Button 2

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Enter the dashboard

Review existing zones and interventions

Explore and create a new zone

Find areas to prioritize using different data sets

Zone insights and intervention

Learn about the zone in greater detail, find an area in need of an intervention

Dashboard months later

Return to the dashboard after time has passed

Intervention analysis

Learn the impacts of your intervention

Data Disclaimer

This prototype shows a combination of real and synthesized data for demonstration purposes, but all of the visualizations are possible with data that exists today.