From online to in-store: Provide a seamless customer experience with mobility intelligence and mobile app development software

If your business is in brick-and-mortar retail or the QSR sector, you’re probably used to meeting fickle customer needs. Sometimes it feels like customers are on to the next trend before you’ve even had a chance to catch up with the last one.  

But amid constantly shifting customer expectations, at least one thing stays the same: No matter where or how your customers shop, they expect a highly convenient experience.  

Fortunately, with mobility intelligence and mobile app development software, you can now prioritize your customer experience and create contextual, seamless shopping experiences across channels. 

Customer reaching for bag from cashier in retail store.

Customer experience is king. But how do you keep up?  

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 83% of consumers say convenience is more important than ever. 

For most retailers, this statistic will come as no surprise. The COVID-19 pandemic forced consumers to look for fast, socially distanced shopping experiences. As a result, today’s consumers have grown accustomed to one-click shopping and standard two-day delivery.  

So how does the average retailer engage and acquire new customers when speed and convenience are the standard? 

Mobility intelligence, or insights about consumers’ transportation patterns, informs businesses about their customers’ travel and driving habits. These mobility insights provide contextual information you can use to make in-app and in-store experiences more convenient and integrated.  

Reach on-the-go customers with mobility intelligence and mobile app development software 

Mobility intelligence uses driving behavior data to provide insights on how, when, and where people move. By understanding your customers’ travel patterns, you can use mobility intelligence in your app to connect customers with your brick-and-mortar stores. Here’s how:   

  • Optimize Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) experiences: Efficiently prepare items for curbside pickup based on the customers’ location to optimize the BOPIS experience. By having your customers’ items waiting for them as they arrive, you make it easier for them to shop with your business — and they’re more likely to use your app the next time they have an item to pick up.  
  • Personalize offers: Predict when customers typically drive by your store and push personalized ads to their mobile app when they get in their cars. For instance, by sending customers breakfast offers on weekday mornings — when you know the customer typically passes your QSR — you can offer an incentive to use your app and visit your store.   
  • Understand habits: Gain insights into when your customers are most likely to visit your store or where they go before and after visiting. For example, if you understand your customers’ commuting habits, you can send them app notifications when you know they’re more likely to pass your store.  

The best part? It’s simple to integrate these insights into your existing app without mobile application development services. Our Driving Engine SDK is designed to integrate smoothly with your current user experience. This enables you to collect data that helps you reach your customers at the right place and time — boosting brand loyalty and helping you acquire new customers.   

Create convenient, connected experiences with Arity 

Arity mobile app solutions are designed to help our mobile app customers improve customer engagement and acquisition through reliable insights. By providing access to real-time driving data with our mobile app development software, we provide mobility intelligence solutions that help you keep up with customers’ high expectations for convenient experiences.  

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