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What’s under the hood: Arity Engineering

Arity · June 28, 2018 · 3 min read
At the heart of Arity are the people that work here, the dreamers, doers and difference makers. Check out what fuels our Engineering team.

The transportation system is changing drastically, and the future of it is ambiguous. However, whatever it looks like, Arity is going to be in the driver’s seat and our engineers push us to get there. The engineering team is located across Chicago, Northern Ireland, and India and consists of 5 facets – Sensor Technologies, Enterprise, Driving Engine, Platform, and Engineering Operations. Peek under the hood of our engineering team and discover what makes them distinct.

Passionate employees

The people are at the core of Arity’s business, and our engineers have an internal passion and fire in their bellies which transforms into a full investment in their work. This passion doesn’t just apply to their projects at Arity, but also to their lives. Arity engineers have diverse interests, from beatboxing to building weather stations.

Building cutting-edge tech to revolutionize the transportation industry

Our engineers work on and own products that are truly making transportation smarter, safer and more useful for everyone. What they build is actively used by consumers and does not collect dust on a shelf. Products include looking at geospatial data for mapping, building code to detect hard braking and analyzing data to detect phone handling while driving. No matter the size or impact of a product, when it is released, it’s meant to disrupt the market.

A team that is built on communication and trust

With a highly global team and a direct line to consumers, communication and trust are essential to the team dynamic. The work they do is fast-paced with immense pressure, which requires transparency and understanding. Employees are encouraged to speak up and actively listen to others. Bug catches and product launches are celebrated as both only help the business and team grow. They make fact-based decisions and rely on their instincts to make products that solve problems.

Access to state of the art tools

To create transformative technology, the resources to support it are essential. Our products are all cloud-native, and our engineers have access to all the cutting-edge tools. With teams working across several facets of technology, such as sensors, data centers, SDKs, APIs, and dashboards, it isn’t a surprise that our engineers can flex different skills. They can even code in many established and state of the art languages.

Unbeatable employee culture

Arity has an award-winning company culture with a community focus. With a full suite of benefits and perks such as free breakfast, no dress code, paired programming, hackathons, Dev Ops days and more. However, the most important part of the culture is that Arity encourages their employees to be themselves. We think that is pretty great, don’t you?

Interested in learning more? Visit our careers page and follow our social media for an inside look.

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