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#WeAreArity Wednesday: Danielle Rosenberg

Arity · March 13, 2019 · 3 min read
In our #WeAreArity series, we shine a spotlight on Arity employees each week. Meet, People Strategy Mgr, Data Science and Analytics, Danielle Rosenberg.

When Mom asks me what it is that I do again, I say…

At Arity, I create and manage programs, processes, and strategies to help attract, develop, and retain top data science and analytics talent.

In your own words, what is Arity?

Arity is an innovative, data-driven telematics company comprised of highly passionate individuals working together to better understand and improve the transportation system.

My favorite mode of transportation is…

My own two feet! When the weather allows, I love to walk or run as a means of transportation. I always seem to notice something new about my surroundings when I travel this way.

On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me…

Exploring Chicago with family and friends! If the weather is nice, you’ll find me running along the lake, buying produce from a local farmer’s market, checking out the many Chicago street festivals, and trying new restaurants.

If you could volunteer for any cause, what would it be? Why?

I’ve spent most of my life volunteering to improve the lives of people with special needs. It’s a cause I’m very passionate about, and one that has led to some very influential people in my life. Currently, I volunteer with two organizations. I work as a literacy tutor at Gigi’s Playhouse, an organization that provides educational and therapeutic programs at no charge to empower those affected by Down Syndrome. I also participate in the citizens’ program with Best Buddies, the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200+ million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Most people don’t know I

Used to sing in an acapella group.

The theme song of my life is…

“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. I keep this one in mind during Chicago winters…

Talk to your rideshare driver or silent ride?

Depends on the day… I’m not a morning person, so I usually prefer silent rides if it’s early in the day. On an afternoon or evening ride, especially if there’s good music playing, I’m usually in the mood to chat.

Would you get in a self-driving car? Why or why not?

Absolutely! After commuting to Northbrook from the city for 2 years, I’m all for new technology that would allow me to sleep in the car on a commute.

Favorite innovation pioneer?

The first person that comes to mind is Jane Goodall – she’s paved the way for women in research, science, and leadership in countless ways. Her innovative approach to studying primates completely disrupted the field of animal research and conservation and will inspire people for years to come. I particularly love that she is the only person to ever be accepted into a chimpanzee troop… #goals.

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