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Thankful for the Arity opportunity

Gary Hallgren · November 22, 2018 · 3 min read
Gary Hallgren reflects back on what an exciting year it has been for Arity.

I’ve said it many times since launching Arity two years ago, but how we get around from one place to another is fundamentally fractured and as a result, the transportation system is undergoing a major transformation. This promises great opportunities as well as a number of challenges that will affect us all deeply. Today’s dysfunctional systems is slowly wearing away at our quality of life in many ways:

  • What’s more, is according to a survey that Arity recently commissioned, 87% of Americans believe that they could not conduct their professional and personal lives without access to a vehicle. The results are in… our transportation options suck and people feel stuck.

The last two years have been momentous for Arity. In a very short time, we are providing novel insights and solutions for our partners and starting to make driving a better experience for everyone. Today our focus is on four key markets – Insurance, Sharing Economy, Smart Cities and Automotive – and Arity has made real progress on a variety of fronts in each of these areas.

It’s through our focused strategy that Arity will continue to bring real change and value to consumers at the macro level. Our progress in the collection, analysis, and actualization of a #ShitTonofData over the last year, including a number of very impressive technology milestones and data capabilities, is enabling us to start delivering on our mission:

  • With more than 55 billion miles of driving data (up from 20 billion or +57% in 2016)
  • Collecting 2 billion miles of driving data per week (up from 250k/week end of 2017)
  • Gathering data from more than 10 million active telematics connections (up from 1.1M in 2016)
  • Connections with more than 12 million active drivers across the globe

At Arity we will continue to keep our eye on solving real problems for drivers specifically and the transportation industry as a whole. Our mission at Arity means saving lives and creating economic opportunities. It means having the opportunity to engage with partners that are dedicated to making our roads safer and smarter. And most importantly, it means I have the opportunity to work with a team of immensely talented and passionate people at Arity. I’m very grateful for the chance to collaborate with so many people focused on making transportation better for everyone.

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