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Distracted deniers: the new profile of a distracted driver

Arity · April 2, 2019 · 4 min read
American motorists recognize distracted driving dangers, but according to our study drivers lack the motivation to change their behavior when behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving continues to be a growing issue in our driving culture, quickly moving towards an epidemic level. The numbers are sobering, as 1 in 4 car crashes are estimated to involve cellphone use and each day over 1,000 people are injured, and nine killed because of distracted driving in the US, an increase of 17% since 2014.

According to the findings of our second annual Distracted Driving Study, America’s perception of distracted driving is becoming increasingly disconnected from how drivers behave when they are behind the wheel. We have categorized this expanding group as the “Distracted Deniers,” drivers who are aware and genuinely concerned about different types of distracted driving, yet whose efforts to prevent those behaviors have decreased by just 10% since 2018.

The data that we have collected from our connections to more than 15 million drivers each month, has given us unique insights in to not only how people behave behind the wheel, but what those behaviors cost. As April is officially National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we see this as a great moment to help educate ‘Distracted Deniers’ on the massive risk that their negligent behavior poses to themselves as well as fellow drivers.

Identifying and combating different types of distracted driving was why we were created in the first place. With the combination of Arity’s exceptional heritage and innovative spirit, we have a unique ability to identify and quantify driving data at scale. Our unparalleled capability to evaluate and understand driving behavior through data is at a deeper level than anyone else in the industry, enabling us to validate both the depth and impact of distracted driving today in a totally new way.

The benefits of quantifying the risks of distracted driving will allow us to help our customers price services accurately and more importantly, report this information back to consumers to encourage safer driving habits. These insights on driver behavior are available through Arity’s Driver Score, which analyzes driving behavior, including phone handling, to measure a drivers’ relative risk.

Through the Distracted Driving study, we sought to identify and understand what will motivate people to change – is it highlighting impactful statistics and analyses like these? Perhaps it’s learning more about the personal and cultural benefits of driving safer? While the answer could be a combination of both, we are committed to the continued exploration and will work closely with our partners to learn more about what will motivate drivers to change.

Direct action to deter different types of distracted driving

This is the first of a series of posts for us during the month of April that will touch the many sides and challenges of distracted driving, from how our employees are taking direct action when they are behind the wheel, how we can humanize the dangers of distracted driving, to a review of the potential solutions and methods for improving the problem. Our goal is to illustrate, educate, and detail on how to approach this growing group of ‘Distracted Deniers’ and persuade them to change their driving behavior.

Arity’s mission is to create a transportation system where people feel safer and more secure as they move through everyday life. We know which behaviors create driving risk, and we are passionate about spreading awareness with our data-driven stories. Now, it is the time to go beyond raising awareness about the different types of distracted driving. Instead, we must redirect our resources and efforts towards encouraging and expediting actions that will begin to change dangerous driving behavior. In the end, when we commit to aligning our actions with our words and with what we know to be true thanks to data insights, that is when we’re on the highway to saving lives.



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