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Arity & CES 2019 – At the intersection of our connected future

Arity · January 7, 2019 · 3 min read
Kicking off CES 2019, Arity talks big picture on how we're planning to capitalize on the conference.

The sudden arrival of CES right after the year-end holiday season is a fascinating way to kick off the new year. Initially, CES featured the latest in consumer technology, like flat-screen televisions, digital cameras, as well each and every generation of the latest mobile devices. But in a very short time, CES has evolved into the premier event for any company that is connected to serving the consumer market, including financial services providers, automotive manufactures, and many more. Over the last decade, CES has become the nexus where everyone comes together to figure out the future of connectivity.

This week we are bringing a robust squad of awesome folks from Arity to contribute to the CES conversation from a variety of perspectives, focused on safety, data privacy and security, collaboration and the impact of data insights across all of transportation.

The inefficiency of our transportation system has left consumers feeling stuck because our options to get around still leave a lot to be desired. There are three fundamental reasons to treat this challenge with real urgency: to reduce road related fatalities, increase economic empowerment and opportunity and create and deploy real, reliable transportation options. America’s transportation dynamic is dysfunctional, it is slowly wearing away at our quality of life, and this is the time for us to come together and really contribute.

At Arity, we develop, deliver, and distribute solutions that can truly help and bring the new and improved state of transportation we’re all dreaming to life. We are eager to share our insights and the lessons that we’ve learned here at Arity. From the gig economy to sharing economy to insurance, we leverage our data to create powerful solutions that empower consumers to make better choices and make it easier and safer for them to get from one place to another.

All this week we’ll be meeting with brilliant people and experimenting with the latest technologies, as well as showcasing our latest sharing economy, insurance and transportation solutions at Arity’s home base located in our parent company’s (Allstate) booth (#7928). If you’re in Vegas, stop by and say hello – you’ll have the opportunity to see how we’re leveraging the power telematics to dramatically impact the future of transportation in a pretty neat way. Additionally, on Tuesday, January 8, at 11:00 AM at Trillium’s booth (#501, Westgate) our president, Gary Hallgren, will be a part of a fascinating panel with several industry experts on a very relevant topic, “Preserving Safety and Data Privacy in Connected Vehicles.”

Not going to CES? You’re in luck – we’ll be reporting on the latest and greatest transportation innovations we can find at CES this week. So stay closely tuned to our blog and social channels and share in the fun!

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