Level up your insurance marketing strategies with data-driven solutions

Arity helps you find and build valuable long-term connections with customers by understanding driving risk and assessing behavioral data.

Over 200 million+ drivers segmented by driving behavior

How it works

Our digital marketing solutions are built on over 850 billion miles of driving behavior data, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customers.

Collect and score

We collect driving data from mobile apps and telematics technology and derive scores for drivers based on behaviors like sudden acceleration, hard braking, distracted driving, and more.

Prioritize long-term ROI with highly targeted Arity audiences

Woman with glasses in driver's seat looking out window

Power your marketing strategy with personalization

Boost your targeting strategy to reach customers who align with your ideal driving risk profile. Our driving behavior data helps you provide contextually relevant messaging and offers, maximizing conversions and building customer loyalty.

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Reach a massive and diverse audience

Gain access to the largest driving behavior database tied to claims. With data-driven marketing solutions, seamlessly optimize marketing spend, and increase insurance customer lifetime value.

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Rethink your acquisition costs

When it comes to marketing for auto insurance, low acquisition costs don’t always equal a smart investment. Arity helps you prioritize your marketing budget so you only reach drivers that provide high long-term value.

Transform your marketing strategy with behavioral data

With these data-driven marketing solutions, we connect you with your best customers, helping you increase auto insurance profitability and build customer loyalty. Learn more about our data-driven marketing capabilities in the “How behind-the-wheel behavior drives better marketing" whitepaper.