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Smart Cities

As transportation and mobility patterns evolve, we are exploring solutions that help policymakers and government agencies collect, analyze, and track data to make sense of the fast-changing world.

Take a look at what we can do together.

Improve road safety

Through driving behavior data and predictive analytics, you can understand risk factors of specific corridors and intersections to help make decisions that improve road safety.

Better understand how people move

Inform holistic transportation policies and networks with a user-centered understanding of mobility.

Meet the capabilities behind our Smart Cities Solutions.

Data Collection

Capture detailed telematics data that gives you a user centric view of your city’s mobility patterns

Driving Behavior Data

Leverage our expertise, massive amounts of driving data, and decades of claims data to help you make better decisions.

Predictive Insights

Use predictive insights that could help your city react faster and potentially improve safety.

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