How to reach mobile app KPIs with mobility data and app experience software 

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App engagement and revenue are decreasing as mobile users demand more from their apps. With higher attrition than ever, apps that fail to offer relevant, reliable experiences are the first to get deleted.

To meet retention and engagement KPIs in today’s competitive landscape, mobile app publishers need to provide value their customers rely on in their everyday lives. The secret to connecting with your customers? Deep insights that tell you exactly what your customers need and when they need it.

The right data and insights are key to increasing acquisition and reducing churn. And by incorporating app experience software, you can deliver features that make your app invaluable to customers.

Churn is up, differentiation is down

Customer data volume is rising, so why are so many app publishers still struggling to understand what their users need to stay engaged with their apps? In short, publishers aren’t collecting the right data.

Many publishers lack the technology and insights to understand customers outside of specific interactions with their brand. Apps typically collect data about customers’ usage, clicks, or in-app purchases. However, publishers need additional information about how their users move throughout the day to understand how to better attract and engage new customers.

Additionally, publishers lack the type of data that can help them build differentiated experiences. When every app publisher uses the same data to personalize their mobile app user experiences, nothing stands out to customers.

Embracing personalization with mobility data and app experience software

App experience software and mobility data can provide insights to help differentiate your mobile app.

Mobility data is contextually enriched telematics data that combines raw GPS, mobile phone, and vehicle device data with contextual information, like weather, time of day, or traffic. App experience software seamlessly collects mobility data from your app, enabling you to instantly access insights about your users’ habits and personalize in-app experiences accordingly.

Mobile app publishers across industries can leverage mobility data to understand how their users move and how they can provide unique value to those users. What does using app experience software look like in practice?

  • Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) apps: Engage existing customers by offering deals when consumers are most likely to pass your store.
  • Weather apps: Become a part of your users’ everyday commutes by providing weather updates and alternative routes when road conditions are dangerous.
  • Fuel and gas apps: Help customers save money at the pump by providing a fuel savings score.

Rise above app store noise with Arity

Mobile development software and mobility data enable personalization that drives new customer acquisition, engagement with existing customers, and alignment between in-app and in-store experiences.

Arity has 15+ years of experience collecting driving data through mobile devices, making us experts in delivering the latest technology to help you help your customers. Our Driving Engine SDK easily integrates with your mobile app to improve in-app experiences with services like:

  • Predictive mobility: Personalize experiences by understanding where app users travel, when they’re likely to pass your store, and where else they shop.
  • Private Marketplace (PMP): Improve cost per mille (CPM) by providing users with targeted, relevant insurance ads based on their driving habits.
  • Fuel efficiency: Help users save at the pump by analyzing driving behaviors and mileage to create a fuel savings score.
  • Crash detection: Provide value and keep your users safe by detecting collisions in real time.

Start personalizing with Arity. Get in touch with our experts for more on our mobile app solutions.